Capabilities / Bonding


Acrylic can be glued so that the join will be almost as strong the acrylic itself. There are a number of different ways of bonding or gluing acrylic. At Sanbo we use single adhesive, two-part adhesive and UV adhesives, in which the adhesives form an optically clear joint free of bubbles. UV glue is used for such things as furniture, showcases or parts which need a seamless appearance, while single adhesive and two-part adhesive is used for larger pieces to form an extremely strong fix.

Alternative to gluing

Instead of gluing, it is often worthwhile to consider other assembling methods.

• Heat bending: With a little imagination, many gluing tasks can be solved by bending the material instead.

• Double adhesive: It is an inexpensive solution that can be used when the weight of the piece is relatively small in compared to the adhesive surface. It is used in large extent with letters and Signage .

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