Capabilities / Polishing


Machining£¨sawing£©of acrylic usually leaves matte surfaces. Since acrylic is mainly used visual, there is a need to polish the visible surfaces. Sanbo is using different methods of polishing, according to our customers¡¯ requirement.

Diamond Edge Polishing

Diamond edge polishing is carried out by a floor mounted machine with a belt transport system which feeds the material across a diamond hub cutter. The cutter removes 0.75mm of material, taking with it the saw cut edge and leaving sharp, crisp polished edge. Diamond edge polishing may be used on edges of shelves and signs that have previously been sawn to correct dimensions. It should be noted that diamond edge polishing is exclusively for straight or sloping sides. It cannot be used on rounded corners.

Flame Polishing

Flame polishing is using a flame burning at a temperature between 2700-3300 degrees Celsius to melt the edge of acrylic, thereby rapidly transforms an opaque, unfinished surface into one that is smooth, clear and glass like. The method is especially useful for polishing of inaccessible positions on the acrylic part (curved and tilted surfaces, holes and inner corners.) Prototypes and small batches is the most common.

Manual Polishing

Acrylic parts can be manual polishing either by holding the part against a rotating polishing disk or hand-polished with a cloth bearing special polishing paste. The method can polish larger surfaces or sloping sides. Possibly minor scratches can be removed. It is time consuming and used only for prototypes, small batches, expensive parts (eg. 3D) or repairs.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting can cut acrylic parts from sheets up to 25 mm in thickness and the edges automatic becomes flame polished. Laser cutting is ideal for both prototypes and large batches.

Our equipments¡¯ specification:

• Model: Mintech MY-1600

• Principal Axis Speed: 6000r/min-9000r/min

• Cutting Speed: 0-1000mm/min

• Cutting Angle: 0-45¡æ

• Principal Axis Depth Cut: 0-1mm

• Cutting Manner: principal axis feeding

• Work Area: 120mm¡Á1600mm

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