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Silk screen printing is a technique which uses a fabric screen to transfer images drawn on the screen to your chosen surface. The steps are as follows:

• Prepare a stencil with the desired design or text cut out so that the ink passes only through the part that has been cut.

• Put the work piece under the screen

• Ink is applied at the top of the screen and fill bar is used to fill the mesh openings with ink

• An applicator is used to force the ink through the silk screen and the prepared stencil onto the material to be printed.

• The work piece is carefully removed from beneath the screen.

The durability of designs in silk screen printing depends on the inks used, heat curing and the pressures applied. The inks are passed through small dots in the screen to the materials to achieve the expected result. Then the printed item goes through heat curing to dry out the ink. The number of screens varies with the number of colours. For getting multi colours, the printing process is done through different screens.

As the most flexible printing process, silk screen printing products include labels, posters, signage and all types of electronic circuit boards and textiles. Now the silk screen printing process is widely used to print on a large number of materials such as acrylic, plastic, paper, glass, paper board, metals and more. The benefits of silk screen printing are as follows:

• Flexible Process - can print onto virtually any material.

• Cost Effective C many copies can be made as the same panels are used.

• Simple and Hassle free C quick process as the colours dry quickly.

• Large Designs C ideal choice for larger designs, possible to make larger counterparts of the design without any distortion to the texts and images.

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