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CNC Routing

CNC stands for Computer Numerically Control and CNC routing is the cutting, shaping, drilling, milling and surfacing of materials using a computer controlled router head. It is an excellent method for producing high volumes of precision cut, complex parts with repeatability, speed and accuracy.

Sanbo offers a full CNC routing service to our customers. We currently have 2 CNC routers capable of machining up to 1524 x 3048 mm. We perform CNC routing for prototype, tooling, and production requirements with tight tolerances ranging from 0.06 to 0.04. Designed for high-speed routing in a broad range of applications, our CNC routers are easily configured to meet most application requirements, which ensure high-speed automated routing many types of materials such as acrylic, PC, PS, PETG, PVC, wood, foil. Just send us a drawing of a profile you wish to have routed and we will quickly price up a competitive quote based on the quantity you ask for whether its 1 or 10000.

Our equipments specification:

• Model: Multicam 5204

• Repeatability (+/- mm) 0.05

• Cutting Speed (mm/min) 30000

• Rapid Traverse (mm/min) 45000

• Z-Axis Clearance (mm) 200

• Z-Axis Travel (mm) 320

• Working Area mmmm15243048

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