SANBO / Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Sanbo isnt just about doing business around the world, we live there, we want to make it better. As a responsible corporate citizen, Sanbo aims to contribute to society through ongoing involvement in socially beneficial activities tailored to the needs of local communities, in order to ensure that its business activities contribute to the building of a sustainable society. Over the years, we have dedicated our resources to help organizations serve those in need, strengthen educational opportunities, and encouraged our employees to take a proactive stance in volunteer activities.

Main activities:

• Cooperation with Tongji University on Researching, Designing and Teaching.

• Sponsoring Lucite Acrylic Design Contest.

Plans for Future Activities:

• Proactive, ongoing responses to social needs.

• In collaboration with local communities, contribute to the development of a sustainable society through activities tailored to the needs of communities.

• Emphasize and provide support for self-motivated volunteer activities by employees.

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